About Holly Brown and TheBrownLounge.com

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Hi there, I’m Holly Brown, and my goal with TheBrownLounge.com is to inspire your next dinner party!  I test recipes, develop menus, and share party theme ideas that are fresh, beautiful, and uncomplicated. Cooking should be fun, and I think dining at home with friends can really be the best form of entertainment!

Tune in to my weekly FoodieTV show, search for recipes, get inspired by my guest chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs, and passionate home cooks! You can also check out my blog, or sign up to receive my weekly Foodie Letter. Each week I’ll bring you fresh and fun dinner party ideas you can enjoy with your friends!

I’m lucky to be married to a foodie, a great cook and a wonderful winemaker.  Kevin’s label, Siren Song wines, is available online. Together we’re focused on culinary pleasures….cooking, entertaining, winemaking, and events that let us share our food, wine, and travel experiences from around the world with our friends and with you!

Years ago, our close friends dubbed our home “The Brown Lounge” because it’s become a social hub where food, wine, and friends meet.  I hope TheBrownLounge.com will inspire you to be a confident, creative cook, and dinner party host!

Stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest to discover events, people, places and products that will inspire the foodie in you!

Here’s to your next dinner party!

Holly Brown
Publisher, Foodie, WebTV Host

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