Party and Menu Plans

A key to a successful dinner party is setting an “Artful Table” with decor and color that complements the menu or party theme. Watch this video to see several ways to use objects of art, from Washington artisans like

For a vibrant outdoor dining, this table radiates color. You’ll find a variety of hand painted plates, bowls, glasses and serving dishes. This al fresco table is ready to go for your next outdoor dinner party or fiesta style menu. 

Handmade ceramic plates and mugs give your dining table a sense of comfortable elegance, whether you’re serving friends or family.The addition of a hand painted coho salmon platter is the perfect serving dish

When it comes to formal dining, I love a table that’s elegant, but not uptight. Formal dining, often calls for prearranged seating. So I set each place with its own vase, candlelight, and name plate. Blown glass and other colorful decor found here is courtesy of Made in Washington stores.

Turn your place into a tropical paradise with a terrific Tiki Party! This video shows you how to get the

This Delicious Greek Menu includes Grilled Lamb Chops Marinated in Mint & Garlic, served with Red Wine Reduction Sauce, and

Take a guided culinary tour of the Mediterranean Sea with Holly Brown and her friends. Cooking together makes it

Watch how we make tamales together with friends for a fun dinner party and communal cooking event. Find our