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Survival Tips for Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is a weekend filled with friends, family, and food. It means guests staying over, lots of meals to prepare, and of course, the big daddy of dinners, Thanksgiving. My 3 keys to surviving and thriving on this holiday weekend include, 1) advance planning, 2) making a few items ahead of time, and 3) maximizing your left overs, with turkey extending meals! These tips apply to Thanksgiving, or any festive holiday get together!

Travel Inspired Bavarian Cuisine

Fall is the perfect time to try a German or Bavarian cuisine inspired menu. On a recent trip to Germany, I discovered fabulous food, wonderful wine, and of course enjoyed German Bier. I missed Oktoberfest in Munich by a matter of days, so I decided to throw an Oktoberfest party when I returned home. Happily, I was able to recreate the dishes I enjoyed so much in Germany. My Oktoberfest Party was lively, fun, and delicious! If that sounds like fun to you, read on for décor, menu and recipe tips!

Wonderful Winter Squash

Autumn color is prolific in the produce aisle thanks to Winter Squash! There are so many colors, textures, shapes and sizes to choose from. Winter squash is hearty and healthy, boasting 10 times the vitamin A content compared to summer squash. It’s also rich in fiber, potassium, and complex carbohydrates.

Set an Artful Table to Make Food Taste Better!

We know instinctively that decor, lighting, music, and ambiance all affect our dining pleasure. New research suggests that dinnerware, glassware, and even utensils impact the taste of our food.

Tiki Party Tips

There’s something about a Tiki party that just makes people happy. A Tiki party is a Polynesian themed event with Asian fusion food! Lush, romantic music, and rum-based cocktails, like the Mai Tai, are also key elements to get the party started. You may not be able to guarantee an ocean breeze, but with the right combination of décor, food, and drinks, you can transport your guests to a happy place!

Summer Pairings 101

A great recipe is often the explosion of different flavors and textures coming together in the mouth. A good wine pairing matches the dominant flavors of a dish with the dominant notes of the wine. Find summer wine pairings and pairing tips in my blog this week.

It’s Greek to Me!

For me, the most exciting part of planning a trip is anticipating the cuisine of the region. Where we’ll eat and what we’ll eat, are as important as where we’ll stay and what sites we’ll see. Getting to know the place begins by getting to know its food. Naturally, I try to include cooking classes and wine tasting excursions in my travel plans whenever possible. The Greek Isles are ripe with opportunities to taste wonderful food and to take in the beauty of this Mediterranean treasure.

Build Collagen with Every Bite

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what the heck is happening?! The plump and healthy looking skin we enjoy in our youth is from collagen, and elastin, stored in our bodies. Unfortunately, these proteins are depleted as we age, causing wrinkles and other visible signs of aging we see in the mirror. The good news is you can build collagen and elastin with every bite, by serving meals containing ingredients that keep production levels of these key proteins up.

How to Select, Store, and Serve Spring Produce

As Spring peaks, produce choices abound! Fruits and veggies can (and should) be incorporated in everything from appetizers, to pasta dishes, seafood preparations, to tasty twists on salads, and desserts. See what’s fresh in season this Spring, and what you can do with pretty produce to brighten and lighten your menus!

Why I Love Mexican Food!

Who doesn’t love savory, spicy Mexican food?! Most of us have a favorite Mexican restaurant we enjoy and frequent regularly, but fresh and delicious Mexican food is easy and fun to make at home. Discover why I love Mexican food, the ingredients that make it so good, and the recipes you can make at home for your family and friends!