Champagne is the bubbly of choice for most celebrations, especially around the holidays.  However, Italian Proseco offers a lovely alternative (or addition) and here’s why:

1) Prosecco is Italian for champagne! To be called champagne, the bubbly must actually come from the Champagne region of France and is typically made from pinot noir, or chardonnay grapes.  Prosecco is a beautiful bubbly made in Italy, traditionally produced near Venice, and is made from Prosecco grapes.

2) Like champagne, Prosecco is a sparkling wine.  It has delicate, fruity and floral notes.

3) Prosecco is less expensive than champagne, but without a sacrifice in quality of enjoyment or drinkability.

4) Prosecco goes great with food! It pairs beautifully with appetisers, salads and other light fare.

5) The Brown Lounge will be featuring food and wine pairing from Italy in our January 2012 programming.  We hope you’ll get to know Prosecco and see why we love it in our upcoming videos, featuring a special guest, Vito Montanarelli.

Your Friendly Foodie – Holly