Food and wine pairing can at times feel like a mysterious pursuit.  There are “apps for that”, as well as websites, and of course rules of thumb (white wine with fish and salad, red wine with red meat) to guide you.   There are also sommaliers, wine snobs and other experts who will opine about this pairing or that. But the truth about wine and food is that there are no hard and fast rules. Taste and enjoyment factors are subtle and personal.  The key is to slow down and tune in to what you are eating and drinking.

As a dedicated foodie (with a husband who’s a winemaker), I find myself drawn to people who can talk about wine both intellectually and romantically.  I’ve also found that by simply tuning into the tastes, aroma’s, and textures of wine and food, that my nose knows and palette tastes when something works….or not.

According to The Renaissance Guide to Food and Wine Pairing, “Wine and food do wonderful things for each other.  Their flavors mingle to create something that each item on its own doesn’t have.  They become fuller, richer, and more complex.  Flavors are accentuated that might not have been without the benefit of a foil or friend.”  We couldn’t agree more!

This week we suggest pairing a wonderful summer dish, which we’ve nicknamed, Dave’s Ham & Cheese, with one of Siren Song’s award winning wines, called Adagio.  Adagio means “Slow Down” in Italian.  It’s a fitting wine because its aromatic violets and berry fruit mingled with almond overtones pairs beautifully with Dave’s Ham & Cheese, with its fresh peppers, and the salt and sweet of the Proscuito di Parma, Mozzerella and caramel glaze.  Adagio reminds us to slow down and enjoy the beauty and nourishment of food and wine prepared with love, and enjoyed with friends!

Meet Chef Dave from the Phoenecia restaurant in our Video, or get the Recipe for Daves’ Ham & Cheese.

Discover Siren Song’s award winning boutique wines, or try the Adagio.

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Slow down and enjoy! Holly