Berry Delicious Desserts All Year Round!

Berry season is at its peak in the late summer, but thankfully we can enjoy berries all year round!  Here’s why: Not only is fruit being imported from the Southern Hemisphere, but local growers are producing berries October through June. Innovative producers are using a variety of approaches to offer year round berries to the delight of consumers – which makes good business sense for growers too!

Greenhouses have been used for many years to produce tomatoes and cucumbers during winter, but these vegetables require relatively warm temperatures and high levels of light, making their production expensive.  Raspberries, however, are uniquely suited for greenhouse production during the off-season.  They grow best at a relatively cool temps (20C, 70F) and don’t require supplemental light to produce a crop.  In northern states, many greenhouses are empty during the winter months, but increasingly growers are using them to produce raspberries, providing greenhouse owners with an opportunity to produce an extremely high value crop during a time of the year when domestic raspberries are unavailable.

Compared to field production, greenhouse-produced berries are larger, firmer and much less prone to fruit rot.  Fruit tends to be slightly less sweet and a bit more acidic in the greenhouse.  So, if you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing berries in the winter, these are just some of the ways reasons we’re able to enjoy berry delicious desserts all year long!

If you love berries, but dessert just isn’t dessert without chocolate, you’ll love our program this week. We’ve cast gorgeous red raspberries against a deeply rich backdrop of a triple chocolate cake.  Check out all our Berry Delicious recipes this week at and put on a delightful show of dessert for your friends this weekend!

Some of our Berry Delicious Desserts include:

Triple Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Crème Brûlée

Fresh and Pretty Blackberry Pie