Is there anything more romantic than cooking for your loved ones.  Why fight for table reservations when you can cook a beautiful, relaxing meal at home? You don’t even need a date to enjoy a Valentine’s celebration that’s special and fun.  Just get a group of friends together and make a wonderful meal. Pair each course with a unique wine and it becomes an event to remember!

There’s almost nothing more romantic and “delizioso”than Italian food paired with Italian wine. This week welcomes Vito Montanarelli, a lifelong cook and wine aficionado.  Vito shares his love of food, wine and friends with us and demonstrates some beloved dishes from his home town in Puglia, Italy.  Vito’s parents taught him and his brothers to cook at an early age. “Good food is really about simple steps and fresh ingredients, made with love,” says Vito. Check out his wine blog here.

Vito and I cook up a romantic and delicious meal this week for our friends that begins with a “Primi” course of Baked Fennel, paired with Prosecco Rose.  “Secondi” is a classic country Italian dish called Braciola di Vitello with Orecchiette (stuffed veal in tomato sauce over pasta), paired with Primitivo di Gioia del Colle.   We finish with a rich almond chocolate cake, Torta Caprese paired with Vinsanto.

Valentine’s day isn’t just about chocolate and flowers, it’s about sharing the love.  Cooking is love, and anyone can cook a beautiful meal like Vito.  To see how, check out these fabulous country Italian dishes and share them with your loved ones!

Vito’s Baked Fennel

Braciola di Vitello with Orecchiette (Veal rolls in Tomato Sauce)

Torta Caprese

Happy Valentines Day!


Visit Vito’s blog to discover other wonderful Italian wines and to locate the pairings he suggests with these recipes.