This week we’re celebrating Copper River Salmon season which officially kicked off on May 17th. The season is short: Chinook (king) salmon are hot mid-May to mid-June, Sockeye (red) salmon heats up mid-May to mid-August, and Coho (silver) salmon are bigger mid-August to late-September.

The Copper River is located 150 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. The river itself is 300 miles of glacier-carved waters. Its elevation drops 3,600 feet along the way, making it one of the fastest flowing rivers in the country.  It’s a real work out for the fish, which in turn make the fish taste delicious! Copper River Salmon are prized for their high oil content and rich flavor. We’re lucky in Seattle to be so close to this wonderful catch!

To celebrate the season in style, I asked my friend Marlena Sherlock, a Cordon Bleu trained personal chef, and owner of The Lavender Elephant, to help me design a fresh and delicious meal featuring seasonal ingredients and Copper River Salmon.

Marlena came up with a spectacular menu.  It’s perfect for the home chef, and perfect for your next dinner party!  In addition to Copper River Salmon, her menu features Caramelized Israeli Couscous. If you haven’t cooked with Israeli Coucous before you’ll love its versatility.  Often called “pearls” these couscous granules, made from semolina and wheat flour, are twice as big as regular couscous and are toasted rather than dried. They have a nutty flavor and a chewy bite.

Marlena combines the couscous with caramelized fennel, onion, apple and wilted spinach (among other things), and then serves them alongside the Salmon. To finish, she paints the salmon with gorgeous Tarragon Almond Vinaigrette. We hope you’ll enjoy her menu and take advantage of Copper River Salmon Season to throw a dinner party, or celebrate dads and grads!  If you’re simply too tired to cook, contact Marlena Sherlock at the Lavender Elephant.  She’ll be happy to discuss your “personal chef needs!”

Enjoy! Holly

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