Every home chef draws inspiration from their favorite restaurants. Dining in Seattle Cookbook makes it easy and fun to recreate a fabulous Seattle restaurant experience at home or combine your favorite recipes from different restaurants into an inventive dinner party experience with your friends.

Dining in Seattle offers the home cook insider access to 21 of Seattle’s most acclaimed restaurants and 200 of their recipes. From past restaurants like The Adriatica, The Mirabeau and others, to present establishments such as Canlis, El Gaucho and The Flying Fish, you can recreate memories of unforgettable meals like those at Seattle’s culinary treasures.

Andrea Umbach, co-author of Dining in Seattle joined me at The Brown Lounge to cook up some of my favorite dishes from my favorite restaurants.  She also shared a few tips for how to get the most out of the cookbook that she co-authored along with Andrea Lott and Elliott Wolf.

“Most importantly, the cookbook is indexed in multiple ways to make it easy to search by ingredient, restaurant or recipe,” Andrea explained. “There are over 200 tips throughout the book, making it easy for both the novice cook and the experienced chef to enjoy.  There are also wine pairings for each course of nearly every meal, selected by the restaurants. In addition, each section includes background and history of the restaurant itself.”

The book is beloved by those who miss the great Seattle restaurants of the past, because some of their famed recipes are captured in the cookbook.  Of course, those of us who live, work and visit Seattle will enjoy getting the inside scoop on the restaurants we know and love.

Andrea has used the book herself to recreate entire dinner parties around a particular restaurant theme. For example, she hosted her son’s prom night by recreating the elegant atmosphere and menu of El Gaucho for his date and their friends. “Dining out can inspire Dining in,” says Andrea, “When we dine out we revel in the lovingly prepared, delicious experience, and we are inspired to re-create that in our own homes. TheBrownLounge.com is the perfect “go-to” site for inspiration about what to cook and how to create a culinary adventure at home.”

Andrea graciously offered TheBrownLounge.com readers a 20% discount on her cookbook through February 29,2012.  Buy it here and use the discount code “lounge” at checkout to receive this limited time discount on a recipe resource you’ll use again and again!

These are some of my favorite Seattle restaurant recipes. Try one or try them all this week with your BFFs for a fabulous weekend dining experience at home.

Canlis Salad

Flying Fish’s Crispy Skin Salmon with Citrus Sauce

El Gaucho’s Bananas Foster