Red FoodRed stimulates our visual senses, and our appetite. Red foods are also good for your health. This week we help you eat your reds with delicious, romantic, and healthy foods you can make for the one(s) you love. Find our favoriteRed Food Recipes & Red Cocktails, then get the party started on Valentine’s Day or any day!

Here’s the skinny on the red ingredients we love to eat!



Red & Healthy FoodsCranberries – In addition to being high in Vitamin C and Fiber, cranberries prevent bacterial attachment to the lining of the urinary tract. They may also help prevent attachment of bacteria to the stomach lining, and as a result may help protect us from stomach ulcers.

Red Chilies – Capsaicin in chilies helps reduce inflammation. The amount of capsaicin contained in each chili has the same proportion to its level of hotness. It’s also used to treat disorders like arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy. Besides reducing pain, red chilies’ peppery heat clears out nasal and sinus congestion by clearing the mucus from stuffed noses or congested lungs. Red chilies have immunity boosting vitamins like vitamin A, B and C; all of which help to protect against certain pathogens responsible for disease.

Tomatoes – Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that is widely associated with the deep red color of many tomatoes. Lycopene has antioxidant properties and is associated with bone health.

Lamb – In addition to being an excellent source of protein, lamb meat provides 45% of the daily requirement of zinc, essential for growth, healing, and a healthy immune system. The iron and zinc found in lamb meat is more easily absorbed by the body than zinc found in other sources. Lamb meat is also a great source of metabolic boosting B vitamins.

Antioxidant BerriesRaspberries – These fruit are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants. They’re also an excellent source of vitamins A, E, and C. Their B-6, niacin, riboflavin, and folic acid support metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Strawberries – These fruit are not only low in calories, they’re packed with nutrition. Often referred to as a “super food,” they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as cancer fighting characteristics.  They aslo contribute to bone and eye health!

Pomegranates – This exotic fruit is packed with antioxidants. This nutrient dense fruit has been revered as a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life. Ancient Egyptians buried their dead with pomegranates because they believed it offered eternal life. Greeks break open a pomegranate at wedding celebrations, and the Chinese eat candied pomegranate seeds for good luck.

Fresh Red beetsBeets – Beets are a wonderful source of iron. They are immunity boosters that guard against cancer.  They are also full of fiber and have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support.

Grapefruit – Eating grapefruit or drinking its juice not only helps with weight loss, it helps treat common colds and fever, dissolves gallstones, boosts liver function and increases immunity against infections. Grapefruit contains a dietary fiber called pectin, which promotes digestion. If you want to have healthy and smooth skin, try including grapefruit in your diet.

Red Wine – Red wine is known for its antioxidant properties. It contains resveratrol, which has been shown to fight cancer and slow the signs of aging, including prevention of a number of degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Type II Diabetes.  The polyphenols in red wine even harden your enamel to prevent tooth decay.

Swiss Chard – Chard is an excellent source of the antioxidant Vitamin C. It’s also full of Vitamin K, which promotes bone health. You can also get your omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-A, and cellular supporting B-complex vitamins by eating this lovely leaf.

Cherries – High in fiber and antioxidants, cherries are also one of the few food sources that contain melatonin, which helps regulate heart rhythms and the body’s sleep cycles.

Red Apples – We all know that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that Red Delicious apples have the highest levels of polyphenols, which are natural anti-inflammatory antioxidants!

Fresh Red Pears- Red FoodRed Pears – Red pears have antioxidant compounds in their skin with a high concentration of the phytonutrient anthocyanin. Anthocyanin has anti-aging properties, promotes heart health, and protects against cancer. Red pears are also an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium and copper.