My “Best Bite” Theory!

Millions of people will start a new diet this week.  In fact, going on a diet is the number one reported goal of the New Year. Yesterday I posted my $.02 on dieting in a short comment on our Twitter and FB pages.  I shared what I call My Best Bite Theory. I think it speaks for itself, but the brief post got me thinking more about my feelings on food, weight and dieting, and where My Best Bite Theory comes into play.

Anyone who has shared a meal with me knows that I’m an eater!  I’ve always been food focused and frequently think about how different ingredients will taste together in varying combinations.  I can read a recipe and know if it will be good just by imagining how the ingredients, flavors and textures will assimilate, taste and smell.

As a kid, and young woman I was called “big boned,” “voluptuous,” and on one occasion it was suggested that I had yet to lose my “baby fat!”  All those terms are code to a female that say, “You’re cute, but you need to lose a little weight!”

Fortunately, I discovered a passion for cycling in my teens and have always been a strong and active person.  However, I didn’t lose that “baby fat” until I became a cook! Ironically, the more I developed my palette, experimented with fresh ingredients and spices and traveled to foreign countries, experiencing food and wine, the leaner I became.  I will never be thin or petite – I don’t aspire to be either of those things.  I am happy with my weight now in large part because I’ve discovered how much enjoyment one can get from eating delicious foods that fill the soul, please the palette and delight the senses.  Cooking for and with friends extends the pleasure further.  I enjoy being around food, reading recipes, choosing just the right ingredients, taking in the aromas, setting the table, and of course serving fresh and delicious meals.  These are all activities that satisfy the senses without consuming the calories.

When it comes time to eat, I then employ My Best Bite Theory, which is simply to suggest that by eating only the “best bites” you’ll eat less and have room for dessert!  Of course there are times when I will go back for seconds….but only for the things I enjoyed the most. The best bites are not only the tastiest morsels on your plate, they are also the choices you make throughout your day.  Choose only to eat things that will bring you pleasure and that really taste, look and smell good!.

Virginia Wolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”  We couldn’t agree more.  So this year, we suggest dining well rather than dieting.  Instead of reaching for a diet shake or pre-made meal, grab a cookbook, or log onto and start cooking!