As the saying goes, “We all scream for ice cream!”  For me, there’s not a food group on the planet that has left more of an imprint on my life and times than ice cream and its close cousins, ice milk, sorbet, gelato and fro-yo! My earliest and fondest childhood memories were around making ice cream floats at home, while playing Gin Rummy at the card table with my family. Later in life, I realized that to recreate those fabulous icy floats, you had to use “ice milk” instead of ice cream because ice cream and soda don’t mix quite right to get the taste and texture I remember so fondly.

By the time I got to college, I’d left ice milk and other childhood treats like Baskin Robbins and Fro-Yo behind. I discovered super premium ice cream, namely Haagen-Dazs, and was on my way to becoming an ice cream snob. I snubbed my nose at the big box ice creams that were pumped full of air. I was now keenly aware of the subtle differences in taste, texture and quality of these wicked and creamy treats!

A weekend night in Westwood Village, near the UCLA campus, was not complete without standing in a very long line at Haagen-Dazs to get a double scoop with Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Swiss Almond Vanilla!  Ice Cream was the reward for my hard work in school, and a stress reliever for my hard work at work.  In fact, is was a pint of Swiss Almond Vanilla, which I consumed in one sitting after a very rough day at the office (post college), that guilted me into training for my first “Bay to Breakers” race in San Francisco.  I trained, ran and completed that race, as a result of that pint of ice cream.

When the “dot.bomb” happened and tech jobs were both unappealing and largely unavailable, I jumped on the Ben & Jerry’s bullet train, and became a Franchisee.  I attended B&J’s Scoop University, opened 3 Scoop Shops, hired many young “Scoopers,” became the head “ice cream cake decorator,” invested in a MooMobile catering truck, sponsored the Seattle Mariners and Sounders, and regrettably traded in my corporate wardrobe for jeans, a cap and tie-dye. Yes, I will even abandon my personal style for ice cream!

Years later, I’m still an ice cream snob, and can whip up a mean ice cream (or sorbet) cake! I’ll forever love all things ice-creamy. My latest creation, the Sorbet Cake (featuring Haagen-Dazs Sorbet), has won praise among friends, and I have to say it’s truly delicious. Try it at home with your friends…. It’s a Cool Summer Treat! [slider_pro id=”45″]

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