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Mediterranean Cuisine Inspires our Palette and Nourishes our Body

The Mediterranean Sea is a deep blue jewel, surrounded by 21 countries. From Southern Europe, to Northern Africa, and the Middle East, Mediterranean Cuisine is vibrant and nourishing. Seafood, olive oil, wheat, and the vine are well represented. Everything from herbs and rice, to meat and lamb, to walnuts and fruit can be found rolled in a leaf, or fresh pastry. Herbs like rosemary, mint, and dill are also prominent. This week, I teamed up with Erin Coopey, chef, cooking instructor, and author of “The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook” to bring you an inspired Mediterranean Menu you can make and share with your friends. You’ll also discover the health benefits of following a Mediterranean Style diet, including my favorite, red wine!

The Art of The Pantry

The pantry is making a comeback as part of a resurgence of nesting and home-keeping since the late 1990s. It’s one of the most requested features in American homes today, despite larger kitchen sizes than ever before. There is a charm and nostalgia to the pantry, as well as a practical, utilitarian purpose. The modern day pantry is for non-perishable foods that are easily accessible from the kitchen for items used both regularly and occasionally.

It’s Sustainable Seafood Season Just for the “Halibut!”

Wild-caught Pacific Halibut is a versatile, mild whitefish. Alaska is home to 75% of the halibut caught in the United States. Alaskan Halibut season starts in Mid-March, then kicks into full gear in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia in May. So, it’s the perfect time to get your halibut game on. Try a variety of preparations during Halibut Season and enjoy this delicious and lovely fish.

The Joys of Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is one of my all time favorite food holidays. I love the fresh spring fruits and veggies that add color and texture to any Easter spread. Asparagus, citrus, fennel, berries, and cauliflower are fresh and fragrant this time of year! Of course, Easter Brunch is also a great excuse to share three of my favorite dishes from childhood with my friends and family. Stuffed Eggs Au Gratin, Strawberry Crepes, and Banana Bread were always on my mother’s Easter table and they remain on mine!

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and feast, named for the most commonly recognized patron Saints of Ireland. For Christians, the day commemorates the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, but St. Paddy’s Day has become a celebration of Irish culture. Marked by festivals, parades, green attire, church services, and lifting of lent related restrictions, it’s a wonderful day to enjoy the classic dishes of Ireland.

Why We Love Comfort Food

Comfort foods conjure up sentimental, nostalgic, and soothing feelings from food. Comfort foods reduce our stress, increase our pleasure, and reward our taste buds. While comfort food recipes, preparations, and experiences vary regionally, every culture has their own comforting favorites. Read more about why we love comfort foods and the comfort foods we love!

How to Host an Oscar Party

On February 24, 2013 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rolls out the red carpet for the 85th Oscar Awards. It’s a black tie evening overflowing with celebs, bling, and elegant parties. This year’s best picture nominations cover themes from war to romance; adventure to relationships. If you’re planning an Oscar party we have some star-studded party tips and menu ideas to add to the fun.

Eat Your Reds!

Red stimulates our visual senses, and our appetite. It’s no wonder the color is linked to romance, heat, and love. This week we help you eat your reds with delicious and romantic foods you can make for the one(s) you love. Red foods are not only good for your appetite, they’re good for your health. Eat your reds and chances are you’ll be stimulating your appetite, health, and the potential for romance! Get the skinny on the red ingredients we love to eat!

Recipes for Romance

I always say, “Cooking is Love!” So it should come as no surprise that I advocate dining-in at home on Valentines Day! In years past, my husband and I have also enjoyed fun Valentines parties with friends that included red food, newlywed games, and dancing in the living room! Whether you’re sharing the love with friends this year, or planning an evening of romance with your sweetheart, we have red, hot, and romantic menus to kindle your desire. We’ve even included ingredients that are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

Host Your Own “Super Gras” Super Bowl Party

Football fans, foodies, and party people alike are headed for the Super-Party of the Year when Super Bowl 47 and Mardi Gras come together in New Orleans on Super Bowl Sunday. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, but still plan to party with gusto, we have some great ideas for hosting your own “Super Gras” party at home. You can enjoy all the football festivities with friends in front of the big screen, and still get your Cajun on!