cooking is love 300x187 Recipes for RomanceThe origin and inspiration of Valentine’s Day can be traced as far back as the Middle Ages.  There are many stories and saints attributable to what we now celebrate as the Lovers Holiday. But it was Esther A. Howland, aka Mother of the Valentine, who first began selling mass-produced valentines cards in America in the 1840s. Thus began the mass commercialization of Valentine’s Day! It’s the second highest card-sending day of the year (behind Christmas) with a billion cards sent annually. Celebrated around the world, it’s also the busiest day of the year for restaurants and the biggest  “date night” of the year!

I always say, “Cooking is Love!” So it should come as no surprise that I advocate dining-in at home on Valentine’s Day! In years past, my husband and I have also enjoyed fun Valentine parties with friends that included red food, newlywed games, and dancing in the living room!  Whether you’re sharing the love with friends this year, or planning an evening of romance with your sweetheart, we have red, hot, and romantic menus to kindle your desire.  We’ve even included ingredients that are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

As you probably know, an aphrodisiac is a food or drink that stimulates desire and causes excitement. Aphrodisiac foods provide arousing aromas, visual stimulation, increases in body temperature and energy, and they spark neurotransmitters that trigger feelings of love & desire.  Be sure you know your aphrodisiac ABCs when planning your Valentine’s Day Dinner. Include fresh and palate pleasing ingredients like asparagus, almonds, avocados, arugula, apples, basil, beets, champagne, chocolate, chilies, clams, cranberries, fennel, figs, garlic ginger, mint, mussels, oysters, pomegranate, raspberries, red wine, rosemary, saffron, salmon, shrimp, strawberries, tarragon, and tomatoes. Try our Red Hot Recipes for Romance and have a lovely and loving Valentine’s Day!

Aphrodisiac Dining – This menu is designed to increase desire course by course!

IMG 2356 75x75 Recipes for RomanceValentine Cocktail – “Bond” inspired Vodka Martini



Oyster photo 75x75 Recipes for RomanceStarter – Oysters



copper river salmon11 150x150 Recipes for RomanceMain Dish – Baked Salmon with Almond Vinaigrette



Couscous 75x75 Recipes for RomanceSide Dish – Couscous with Caramelized Fennel & Apple



chocolate raspberry cake1 150x150 Recipes for RomanceDecadent Dessert – Triple Chocolate Cake with Raspberries



Suggested Wine Pairing with Dinner – Sauvignon Blanc

Gluten-Free Loving Care Cuisine – Fresh & healthy cuisine for the one you love!

Pouring the bubbly 75x75 Recipes for RomanceValentine Aperitif  - Kir Royale 



Plated Salad 75x75 Recipes for RomanceStarter Salad – Spinach, Pomegranate & Avocado Salad



Plated chicken and potatoes 75x75 Recipes for RomanceMain Dish – Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Red Potatoes



cranberry chutney medium1 150x150 Recipes for RomanceSide Dish – Cranberry Chutney



Pear Flambe over ice cream 75x75 Recipes for RomanceDecadent Dessert – Red Pear Flambé & Ginger over Ice Cream



Suggested Wine Pairing with Dinner – Pinot or Bordeaux

Romantic Menu for the Gourmet Couple – Cooking together is romantic and fun. Especially when you’re cooking with sexy shellfish!

IMG 2369 75x75 Recipes for RomanceValentine Cocktail: Manhattan



Arugual and beet salad 75x75 Recipes for RomanceStarter Salad: Arugula Beet Salad



Plated with garnish 75x75 Recipes for RomanceMain Dish – Shellfish and Sausage Linguini



creme brulee1 150x150 Recipes for RomanceDecadent Dessert – Crème Brûlée with Ginger and Raspberries



Suggested Wine Pairing with Dinner – Sangiovese, Chianti, or Dolcetto


Spice Things Up – This menu makes enough to share with the friends you love!

Sangria small 75x75 Recipes for RomanceValentine Wine Cooler – Spanish Sangria



gambas1 150x150 Recipes for RomanceStarter – Sizzling Garlic Prawns



finished verde small 75x75 Recipes for RomanceMain Dish – Chile Verde



guacamole 150x150 Recipes for RomanceSide Dish – Guacamole



IMG 2327 75x75 Recipes for RomanceDecadent Dessert – Cool off with a Sweet Sorbet Cake



Suggested Wine Pairing with Dinner – Viognier or Chardonnay