With fabulous fresh tomatoes and chili peppers from our garden, we just had to throw a salsa party! The perfect salsa party starts with friends of course.  As you probably know, “salsa” is Spanish for “sauce,” so we invited our guests to bring a delicious dish to the party potluck that would taste yummy with freshly made salsa! Then we set the stage for saucy group salsa making and tasting.

Step 1

The first step to throwing a successful salsa party is to prepare for guests’ arrival. I like to set all the salsa ingredients out on the counter so everything is rinsed and ready to go. I also set up a margarita bar – of course! My contribution to the potluck is likely to be either a Chile Verde or Chicken Verde Enchiladas. Both are great dishes to make in advance. Chile Verde gets better as it cooks over a low heat for 2-3 hours, and it’s a great way to use my peppers and tomatillos. Get my Chile Verde or Chicken Enchilada recipe and try it at your place!

Step 2

Once everyone has arrived, and guests have had a chance to chat and get a margarita, it’s time to start chopping! We set out a variety of peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, fresh basil, garlic, onions, you name it, and then we get to work.  We like to try a few flavor combinations and heat levels using different styles of peppers.  From Poblanos to Anaheims, to Thai Chilis, you can use this base Saucy Salsa recipe and add your own creativity. There’s a lot of taste testing and everyone gets a chance to weigh in on whether the salsa is spicy enough.  We also make guacamole while we were at it.  Find my secret ingredients for Holy Guacamole!

Step 3

Once the salsas are ready, make sure everyone has a fresh drink, and then serve the potluck. The fresh and saucy salsas top everything from chips and tortillas, to fajitas and chile relleno, chile verde, or whatever mexi-treats have been supplied by your guests. After dinner you can work off your calories by tuning into a Salsa Station on Pandora and dance!  Salsa is also a “saucy” dance style that will definitely get everyone grooving to the music!

To see how we throw a Saucy Salsa Party, watch the VIDEO here!

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