IMG_0441Tiki culture and Tiki parties were born out of the Tiki-themed restaurants, like Trader Vic’s and Don the Beachcomber, popularized in the 1930’s. Don Beach and Victor Bergeron were said to have invented the themed-restaurant concept. They borrowed from Polynesian elements to create an atmosphere of island culture. When you arrived, you felt like you’d stepped into a unique paradise, far from home. Throwing a Tiki party can make guests feel the same way. Watch our Tiki Party Video on and see how we do it for our friends.

Tiki decor starts with natural elements like fresh flowers, tropical fruit, coconuts, and banana leaves. Nautical accents like fishnets and fishing poles; rattan, bamboo, and Tiki torches add ambiance and flair! For Tiki-themed dinnerware, table decor, statues, mugs and more. You can turn to Alki Party Treasures, a West-Seattle based on-line party goods store. They have everything you need for Tiki parties and much more! (Receive 20% off your order through Dec. 31, 2013 when you use the promo code “Brown Lounge” at checkout at Alki Party

IMG_1410No Tiki party is complete with out a few well-placed Tiki statues. The word Tiki refers to “a large carving of humanoid form”. Tiki statues are typically wooden or stone images of Polynesian gods and were historically used to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites. Tiki faces have different meanings (such as fertility, war, or peace).

Of course it’s easy to dress for a Tiki party. Men love any excuse to wear a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt to a party, and the ladies have lots of options including, sarongs, flowers, and leis.

The most important part of a Tiki party is the food and drink. Island food includes sweet and spicy flavor profiles typical of Asian-fusion cuisine. Rum-based cocktails, like the Mai Tai, are sure to get the party started right! Find our complete Tiki Party Menu with delicious Asian-fusion cuisine on It includes the recipes below, as well as the infamous Trader Vic’s Mai Tai.

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