IMG_3229Fall is the perfect time to try a German or Bavarian cuisine inspired menu. On a recent trip to Germany, I discovered fabulous food, wonderful wine, and of course enjoyed  German Bier. I  missed Oktoberfest in Munich by a matter of days, so I decided to throw an Oktoberfest party when I returned home. Happily, I was able to recreate the dishes I enjoyed so much in Germany. My Oktoberfest Party  was lively, fun, and delicious! If that sounds like fun to you, read on for décor, menu and recipe tips!

IMG_3497My Oktoberfest menu includes schnitzel, spätzle, sausage, and strudel. You can make these traditional dishes at home too, by following the link below for all my German party food recipes. Of course, no Bavarian meal is complete without sausage. So, check out Uli’s Famous Sausage for gourmet, handmade, all natural sausages, in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

IMG_3481Blue and white are the traditional colors of Bavaria, based on the official flag, so be sure to incorporate these colors into your décor, table napkins etc. Beer mugs are also a must, along with good German bier. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ask the ladies to wear Dirndl dresses, and traditional lederhosen for the men.



German food is hearty and delicious. Spätzle, is an egg-based dumpling style noodle that’s a menu staple. Making it from scratch is easy, and much tastier compared to packaged spätzle. All you need are eggs, milk, flour and seasoning. Spätzle is great served with butter and fresh herbs. I also love to top it with Gruyère cheese and bake it until cheese is melted. Then top it with sautéed onions……yummy!

Schnitzel is classic German food. Everyone loves it and most people know what it is, even if they don’t speak German. It’s traditionally made with veal, but it’s just as tasty with pork. The key to great schnitzel is pounding the meat out to tenderize it.

IMG_3238Of course you don’t want to miss out on dessert. Apple Strudel is a Bavarian favorite! The name Strudel means “whirlpool” because flaky pastry is whirled around a sweet and spicy fruit compote. Apple is the most traditional Strudel, but it can be made with virtually any sweet or savory filling. Butter roasted breadcrumbs are spread between the pastry and compote to give the Strudel its “crumby” texture.”

Danke schön!

Holly Brown