What do you do for the mom who has everything, or even the mom who doesn’t?  Being a mom of 3, (plus two step kids), all I really want for Mother’s Day is a token of appreciation from the kids (and dad)……and to have some time to relax…..you know…..away from the daily chores. Just a little “me time”. My idea of a great mom’s day is to get any (or all) of the gifts below…… redeemable coupons for these items are also good!

1) A weekend afternoon with the TV (and TV room) all to myself to watch whatever chick flick I feel like watching, uninterrupted……… I’m happy to make my own popcorn.

2) One week of not having to clean a dish in the sink, or wipe a crumb from the counter.

3) 7 glorious days of not having to pick up after anyone or remind them to take out the garbage, recycling or make their beds.

4) Someone to cook dinner (the whole meal – not just the meat) every night for a week.

5) An hour long foot massage anytime.

6) A batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies that I don’t have to share (or hide).

7) One each of the most current issues of Food Network Magazine, Fast Company, InStyle, Vanity Fair, and Fine Cooking Magazines (plus a couple of hours of quiet time to read or soak in the tub while I read).

8) Anything handmade (card, painting, collage, photo in a frame, poem, freshly cut flowers, sing me a song).

9) Wash my car inside and out.

10) A promise to give me generous quantities of hugs and kisses every day for the rest of my life!

Now those are some things that would really make my mom’s day!  I’d love to hear what would make your mom’s day special too. Tell us what would make your mom’s day on our Facebook Page.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for a yummy treat to make for mom on her special day, try this week’s recipe.
Crêpes! Get the recipe Or watch the video to see how easy it is to make these pretty French pancakes that can be filled with just about anything!  They’re beautifully delicious!!