A Word From The Cook

“Aimee Pellegrini shares her family secrets for making hand cut Pappardelle Pasta ribbons that are perfect for a Lamb Ragout or other sauce.”


Prep Time:

20 Minutes


1 Egg + 5 ounces flour per person/serving


  • Eggs - based on serving size above
  • Flour - based on serving size above
  • 1/2 Cup Maseca corn flour (optional)
  • Home Pasta Machine Required
  1. Step 1 – Mix Together Flour and Eggs
    1. Mix flour and eggs in a stand-up mixer.  Flour should be put into the mixer first, with eggs added one at a time until ingredients are well incorporated.  Start mixer on low speed until crumbles begin to accumulate. Then, increase speed to medium until a dough ball begins to form.
    2. Turn out dough ball onto a floured surface and knead by hand, continuing to work flour into dough as needed.
    3. (Note – you can also mix ingredients by hand or with a fork, but the mixer makes quick work and a nice even dough consistency)
  2. Step 2 – Use Pasta Machine to Knead Pasta
    1. Place ½ of dough into pasta machine and run pasta through on its largest setting.  7 is the maximum size setting. Continue to add a little flour and knead dough using pasta machine.  Each time you’ll fold the pasta over itself  to run it through.  Run dough through 4-5 times, or until dough is no longer tacky or sticky.   You can’t over knead, but you can over flour.
    2. Repeat with other half of dough. Watch our video to see how we do it.
  3. Step 3 – Sheet,” Cut, and Cook
    1. Adjust pasta machine setting to a 6, then 5, then 4, and finally to a 3 or 2.  Each time running dough through to “Sheet” or elongate the pasta.  At setting 2 or 3, your pasta sheet will be the right thickness for cutting and cooking.  Ultimately, thickness is up to you. Note: as you sheet the pasta, you may need to add flour if pasta is sticking to machine.
    2. Optional:  You can use Maseca corn flour, or all purpose flour to dry the pasta sheet before cutting.  Maseca is ideal because it will fall off the pasta in the cooking process.
    3. Fold pasta sheet over itself several times, and cut pasta into whatever width you need for your dish.  Pappardelle should be cut to about an inch in width.  You can also cut strands into fettuccini, or spaghetti style width.  Or, use the machine setting to cut the pasta.
    4. Once cut, the pasta strands can go straight into boiling water.  Fresh pasta should only take a minute or two to cook, depending on thickness.  Your sauce should be ready to serve as soon as the pasta is cooked, and drained. We like to toss drained pasta in a bit of olive oil to keep it from sticking. Never rinse pasta with water.  The natural starch in the pasta clings to your sauce!
    5. If you plan to cook your pasta later the same day, just let it air dry, but don’t let it get brittle.  If you plan to serve it the next day, just put it into a plastic zip lock bag and freeze.
    6. Try Aimee’s Lamb Ragout Sauce with hand-cut pappardelle pasta!